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My eyebrows and me

Categories: Personal

Common denominators in the below pictures:

a) I like looking over my glasses for photos,
b) I don't smile as much as I used to,
c) My eyeliner has improved massively,
d) I have never had 'real' eyebrows.

So it's undiagnosed but having varying ranges of anxiety and depression over the years, I believe I have very mild trichotillomania. I've pulled hair from my scalp, the nape of my neck/hairline, my thighs, my eyebrows, my eyelashes; I've even pulled out my eyelashes and eyebrows in my sleep. I've joked with many as to how I'm in the right profession to cover them up, and I'm pleased I am! The images above show the timeline of my eyebrows and I'm pleased at their progress :) But this doesn't make up for not having eyebrows. My brows are blocked in with pencil, gel or powder as I've very few actual eyebrow hairs in place to work at making them look more natural.

I've tried to wear mittens at night and sleep masks, used growth serums & tried stimulation techniques - nothing works when you're still repeatedly pulling them out. When I'm on top of my anxiety, my eyelashes sure do look better but my eyebrows are never going to be the same again. I said to myself that before my 30th birthday I'd grow them back but it was well before then that the stark realisation is that I don't really have much control on that!

As such, I've decided to get my brows tattooed (REMOVED INFO ABOUT PREVIOUS SALON AS THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE ISN'T WORTH THE PROMOTION HERE) I can't get HD Brows as I've not enough eyebrow there for it to work). I've toyed with the idea of getting them tattooed for a long while but having seen some truly awful ones, I was always apprehensive until I did a bit of research about microblading. I've booked myself in next month to get them done as an early Christmas treat to myself. To say I'm excited is an understatement!

Tags: about me, mental health, anxiety, before and after, beauty, eyebrows, selfie, professionals, Trichotillomania


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