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Make Up Artist Nottingham
Make Up Artist Nottingham

Award-Winning & Cruelty-Free Make Up Artist

Hey! I'm Sali Jones, aka Ms Moo Make Up. I'm a multi award-winning cruelty-free freelance professional make-up artist with over 13 years of experience. I'm based in Nottingham, but I'm happy to travel across the UK to wherever you need me, though the majority of my work is based in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, and Leicestershire.

Here you will find information about how to book me for your wedding make-upa one-to-one makeup lesson or a special occasion makeover. You'll see all the fashion and editorial photoshoots I've been involved with, some behind-the-scenes photos and updates on my blog. Whatever your makeup needs, I can help.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Sali x 

Ms Moo Makeup is an inclusive business. Whilst traditional gendered wedding roles may be used on various sections of my website, everyone is welcome and celebrated here.

20 February 2024

Interview: Helen Sutcliffe

Helen Sutcliffe is a wedding hairstylist with over 10 years experience of being a freelance wedding stylist. Being a cruelty-free wedding makeup artist, I flippin' love that she's so staunchly cruelty-free - beauty products don't need to be tested on animals! Helen's got such a lovely calming presence on a wedding morning - she's the quieter version of me, watching everything that's going on, and looks after her bride in such a gentle and loving way. I love that she always (ALWAYS) has a half way treat of a can of Diet Coke!

I caught up with her for my first recommended supplier interview of 2024...

How’re things with you? Tell me what's happening in your world.
I am currently trying to find the positives in January, not only to get my admin systems sorted, my salon space redecorated, but also getting out and doing things that make me feel happy, before it all feels a bit busy. There are times the seasonality of the wedding industry is difficult, but sometimes I feel quite privileged to have time to think and re-evaluated.

How did you get into being a wedding hairstylist, and hairdressing in general?
I originally worked as a stylist in a salon, I loved the energy, the creativity and variation of the industry. I was asked to style friends and clients hair for their weddings on occasion, my bridal client numbers grew slowly over a number of years through word of mouth, until I didn't have the time to do both, it was a very organic evolution.

The industry has changed a lot in the ten+ years I’ve been in business. What do you lament, and what are you pleased has changed?The industry has grown significantly over the last decade; I love that my brides have more autonomy about how the day will run, what details they want to feature and prioritise, and there is definitely less of a box to fit into in terms of styling. 


I think the flip side of this, with there being so many options, and with the importance of social media, is that the pressures and stress of 'getting it right' is greater, which can be overwhelming.

Tell me about a wedding supplier that you love working with or that I need to know about (sing the praises of someone!)
I work with some amazing wedding suppliers, not only for the work they produce, but their dedication and hard work the give to each wedding. I love flowers, so I am always excited to see who the florist is; Gigil and Bloom amazing and unconventional arrangements her use of colour is magic. Frond and Bloom who does the most classic elevated designs, and Elder and Wild, natural and wild garden grown flowers. There are so many more that I love, who I have the pleasure of working with.

What’s the best piece of feedback you’ve ever had about your work?
I have learnt over the years that the consultation part is the most important, I like to hear how people style their own hair, I have picked up so many tips and advice that way, particularly curly hair, so I am always getting advice and feedback which helps me grow as a stylist.

Could you pick one thing people should AND/OR shouldn't have at their wedding?
Other than having an amazing group around a bride to make her feel positive, I think good snacks are a necessary on a wedding day for a bride, no one ever feels like eating properly.

What advice would you give to someone planning a wedding?
My advice to a bride to be would be don't keep looking at pictures of your dress and other dresses once you have chosen yours, over analysis can be a real enemy. Also don't worry about the weather, please! It will be what it will be, and only your disappointment will put a dampener on the day.

Any embarrassing moments at/before a wedding?
Bridal suite often don't have locks on their bathrooms, which on a couple of occasions have caused a bit of embarrassment, but its quickly laughed off.

Anything wedding/business related that you wished you had done differently?
I think the beauty of working for yourself is that you can use the mistakes to make you better, so no nothing significantly I wish I had differently as its what has got me to this point.

What is your favourite makeup, skincare, or haircare product? (I ask this to everyone, whatever gender, so please put something that you think is awesome and why!)
I choose my products, for work and home not only on performance but on the ethics and sustainability behind the brands, I would love for everyone to make that a priority too, brands will promote this on their website or social so just have a look. I am currently using 'Monday', 'Coco and Eve' and 'Affinage'.
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