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Ms Moo Social Media

Do you need;

  • Brain space to focus on the aspects of your business you actually enjoy doing?
  • Time to develop the business and where you’re going to take it next?
  • To build your fan base, and develop a loyal and engaging following?
  • To improve your brand awareness and engagement online?
  • To increase your sales and hit your growth targets?
  • To set some growth targets because you’ve been so busy doing everything else you’ve never thought about what you want to achieve for the year ahead…?!

Who I am

I’m Sali; a freelance make-up artist and social media manager, with a big passion for small creative businesses. I’ve been doing wedding make-up for over 10 years and built my business up using social media and by learning what I could about it to make it work for me. I completed diplomas in Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing and Blogging and Content Marketing and I was hooked!

I’m a friendly, passionate, and creative soul with a love of small businesses who have big plans and want to take the next step. I bring a positive mental attitude with a healthy dose of reality, and love rolling up my sleeves and ‘getting stuck in’. I’ll listen to problems to help find a solution and love bouncing ideas around with people. I'm also a natural motivator! I love getting things done, ticking stuff on lists, achieving targets, and working towards goals. I'm the type of person you want in a crisis who'll think outside the box and knuckle down.

What I do

As a social media manager, I’m your online presence so you can devote more time to your business. I specialise in working with small creative brands, having worked with illustrators, photographers, jewellery designers, burlesque performers, beauty salons, massage therapists, hairstylists and children's clothing designers. Sure, you guys have the smaller budgets but you've bigger hearts and being from a small business myself, I know that the hard work you put in deserves celebrating and elevating. 

With social media being such a big part of business these days, I love to encourage a more personable approach when writing and aim to write how I talk. I’ve gained excellent verbal and written skills and taken additional courses to improve and develop my writing style, and have found I can be diplomatic and still tenacious. 

How a brand sounds is paramount on social media to build up trust between you and your customer (and potential new ones!) so I pride myself on attention to detail. I thrive off helping other people and will learn about your brand and business to create an in-depth social media strategy to help you grow and achieve world domination. Basically, I help sort out people's lives for them!

With previous clients, I have;

  • Helped achieve £100,000 worth of sales via Etsy
  • Increased Etsy orders by 32%
  • Increased Etsy turnover by 20%
  • Increased Etsy turnover by 27%
  • Increased revenue by 25% month on month for a year
  • Averaged 200 new followers per month on Instagram (over 3 months)
  • Increased Facebook following by 80% (over 6 months)
  • Created and sent monthly newsletters via Mailchimp and feedback stats via reports
  • 2% growth week on week in mailing list sign-ups
  • Doubled social media following in 12 months on both Facebook and Instagram

I can run competitions on the appropriate platform, promote events, announce new products at optimum times and offer general help to you as a marketing consultant. Rather than promising to get you loads of new likes and followers, my aim is to bring you a genuine return on investment into social media – which will naturally lead to a bigger following!

I’m happy to run paid adverts, but my ethos is about making social media work for you without paying them lots of money; we all know the sting of low reach/engagement after a paid campaign...! Let’s naturally build up your engagement with people who love what you do or want the service you provide.

What you get

I offer the following as standard;

  • Scheduled posts every day, 365 days a year
  • Replying to comments and messages when appropriate to build a positive brand awareness
  • Constant review of your social media strategy to make sure social media is working for you
  • Research & regular trials on relevant hashtags for your business, if appropriate
  • Interaction with influencers and/or relative businesses, aiming to build your brand
  • To clean up following/unfollowing actions, when necessary
  • Product placement and promotional posts
  • Reactionary content to current and relevant news or events
  • Research and generation of relevant content to your business
  • A fortnightly email, with stats, updates, and content requests

I’m not a faceless agency that works 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. My clients can contact me whenever they need me; no matter how big or small. I aim to reply within 24 hours, giving you that personal service that small businesses are known for. How we contact each other, I’m pretty laid back about – I’m happy with face to face meetings (in person or via Skype/Facetime/Facebook) or emails/Whatsapp or Facebook Chat; whatever works for you!

What it costs per month

  • One platform - £200.00
  • Two platforms - £300.00
  • Three platforms - £400.00

There are no hidden costs; the initial contract is for three months, and then we’ll do a rolling monthly one.

Why do you need me

I'm the best friend your business could have.

I'm not just a social media manager; I'm a soundboard, coach, partner in crime, the bad cop, your cheerleader, and your comforter. I'll hold you to account, 

I want to give this service to people who deserve it! I work to the best of my ability when you're driven and want to progress with your business. So, if you're full of determination and drive, and you're feeling ready to take on the world, let me help you get there. You deserve a business bestie!

What’re the next steps

Pop me an email and let’s put a date in the diary to talk a bit more in-depth about what I can do for you. Skype, Facetime, phone call, face to face over a coffee/pint or a chat via Facebook Messenger/WhatsApp – let me know! Tell me what you’re doing now with your social media or what you’ve done in the past; we can discuss what you think needs to improve but you don’t have time for, and then I can help you capitalise on what you have already built.

That will then free up more of your time, so you can focus on doing what you love and tackling that never-ending creative to-do list :) Any questions at all, just fire away!

What clients say

Sali has been working as my Social Media Manager for the past two years and she is an absolute DREAM to work with. She works hard and is extremely self-motivated when it comes to curating content for my social feeds. She makes my day to day running of the business so much easier. Sali knows my schedule better than I do, she pops into my Instagram Live sessions to support me and she’s always listening, picking up on the one or two profound things I may say on occasion(!) and re-purposing them into scheduled content that my clients love. Sali is target driven like I am, and she’s smashed every goal I’ve set her, from growing my social channels to helping me sell workshop spaces and several other business goals too. Honestly, she’s worth every penny. HIRE HER.” - Tigz Rice

Honestly, hiring Sali as my social media manager was one of the best business decisions I’ve made. I struggled with reach on Facebook and with so much of my time taken running my business, it kept getting pushed to the bottom of my to-do list. Since she took over, the results speak for themselves, reach, interaction and bookings are higher than I could have expected. She has a wonderful personable style which works perfectly for my business, while also using her magic to hit the best content and times. Overall of this though is her ability to keep me on track, her reports give me the kick I need to carry on moving forward. The support is paramount for any business.” - Luna Photography

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