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What Ms Moo has been up to

Categories: Personal, Weddings

Oh, my poor blog; how I’ve neglected you!

I made a resolution to blog every week back in 2016 and I kept to it! I achieved 52 blogs in 52 weeks… and then I trickled into 2017 and hardly blogged at all. Six times in fact!

So, the lesson here is that while it was good I kept to my resolution, it was perhaps not something I could keep up or something that I absolutely adored doing. It was a real struggle at times! It caused me anxiety if I didn’t have a blog to release when I probably shouldn’t have worried quite so much.

And so here I am now, feeling ready to start blogging again. I had probably best recap last 18 months…

- In September last year, I left my desk job of 10 years to become full-time self-employed. I now wholly work for myself – wahoo! I’d reduced my hours over the last 5 years and then decided to make the leap. So far, it’s been BRILLIANT. It’s 100% the best thing I’ve done :)
- In 2017, I did the most number of brides in one year that I’d ever done. I did about 130+ brides, bridesmaids, mother of the brides and everyone else in between! And that doesn’t include photo shoots, hair shows, special occasion makeovers or the 1-2-1 lessons I taught… which was about 35 lessons, and I’ve got absolutely no idea how many of the others. All of this was while I was still working 28ish hours per week at the desk job too.
- Oh, and I started working as a freelance social media manager. I’d learnt a lot about social media from someone I'd contracted to do mine, and as I got to know more I was hooked – I got qualified and started to take on clients, and now it’s what I do. It’s crazy and amazing and I love getting to help small businesses succeed.
- I WON AN AWARD! I won the award of “Freelance Make-up Specialist of the Year” at the English Hair and Beauty Awards 2018. So now I can legit say I’m award-winning.

So now I work for myself, I’ve booked more weddings than I ever have before and they show no signs of stopping. I absolutely adore my job as a makeup artist and will tell anyone who asks me that there is nothing better in my job than seeing someone look at themselves in the mirror after I’ve finished doing their makeup and seeing them smile at themselves. I’d like to think I help empower people to feel confident and beautiful, and getting to do that on the best day of their lives is a massive honour.

So basically, I’m now busier than ever and freer than ever because I work for myself. Which is amazing! My goal has always been to leave my desk job and now I have… so what’s next? Well, you’ll have to stick around to find out :) Until then, here are some pretty pictures of brides from 2016 (some of whom I’ll blog about, I promise!) so that this isn't 100% waffling text.

Tags: Lessons, about me, Resolutions, photoshoot, bridal make-up, wedding makeup, wedding morning, make-up artist, makeup artist, behind the scenes, self-employed, award-winning


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