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Choosing your wedding makeup artist

Categories: Weddings

Weddings are a big experience as well as a big expense; you’re in a place you probably won't know that well, wearing a dress and some crazy supportive/restrictive underwear! You probably won’t see your partner until you’re at the aisle, your family may cry, you’ll worry about the flowers/catering/table decorations. Being the centre of attention, everyone is watching you while you’re dancing, eating, crying and speaking. It’s one hell of an experience and can be a stressful one at that!

You most likely hire professionals and put your trust in them to remove some of the stress from you; hiring the right ones should give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your day with minimal stress. Photographer, cake maker, make-up artist, florist, caterer, hairstylist, entertainment etc. Your whole wedding day will forever be remembered through your photographs and, taking a guess, I’d say going to be in about 75% of them. Your make-up artist should give you the confidence and assurance that you will look and feel beautiful on the day of your wedding, and in the lasting memories of the event so be sure to hire someone who specializes in making people look AND feel good.

You’ll find a range of make-up artists with a range of prices in your area; a quick internet search will give you more information, but there’s also a range of wedding sites that’ll list suppliers for lots of different bridal businesses. If your make-up artist sports SUPER cheap prices for on-location wedding make-up, keep looking. They are most likely lacking experience. Be sure you check their portfolio and for client (especially bridal) testimonials; a good reputation WITH experience is important.

Here are a few reasons why;

-    Personality
When you communicate with a wedding supplier, you should feel able to speak to them about your ideas of concerns; there’s no such thing as a stupid question! You’ll want a timely response on your emails and phone calls, and they should be willing to work in your comfort zone but advise you on your best look too. You’ll also want to see what they are like as a person; for example with a hairstylist or make-up artist, are they someone you feel happy in having around on the morning of your wedding? Do they make you feel calm, confident and comfortable?

-    Trial
Your chosen make-up artist will likely insist on a trial so that they can give you some skincare tips in advance of the big day, and give you recommendations of colours and styles that may suit you. This can only really be done in person. They’ll ask to see some photos of your dress, colour schemes, or how you plan to have your hair and the colour of your accessories and shoes; it’s so that we can imagine the total look you’re going for on your wedding day. And because we LOVE weddings ;) Your wedding supplier may want a meeting with you too, no matter their business; especially if they have got a physical part in your day. Florist, photographer, videographer, cake maker. If anyone wants to 'wing it' or says 'it'll be alright on the day', be wary.

-    Stress-free
Make-up artists are used to busy and stressful mornings; they are used to how busy and frantic things can get, they are prepared for unexpected happenings and they won’t let it be your face. There’s no need for anyone to be worrying about eyeliner, or glueing your eye shut with false lashes with a pro-make-up artist around. Your make-up artist will expect the unexpected and be prepared; if they don’t offer this sort of vibe, keep looking for your perfect make-up artist.

Remember that a wedding supplier can be working on a lot of weddings all at once, and there may be other weddings before yours so give them a little time to reply. I try to reply to customers within about 3 days, but if you've not heard anything after a week send a gentle reminder email.

-    Knowledge
You want your wedding suppliers to be experts in their field. Your make-up artist needs to be experienced in colour matching for your skin tone, the type of foundation you need, how to accentuate your best features, play down others and flatter your bone structure. They’ll have studied it in great detail and have experience in getting the best out of any face for the big day; blending is key to making you look flawless and setting your make-up so it stays that way all day. If you're not keen on something they've done, tell them why and ask if it could be done differently. Your wedding supplier wants you to be happy, believe me!

-    Products
You won’t believe how much money a make-up artist will spend on their kit. Products have a certain life expectancy and have to be replaced regularly. They’ll use high-quality products that are tried and tested; their products and their application is tailor-made for longevity and the clients’ specific needs. Make-up for a night out or photoshoot is completely different; for a wedding day, there’ll be natural light, flash photography, possible tears, sweat, kisses. Every time you hug someone you do not want your foundation to transfer onto the other person. You want to make sure that even if you cry, your eyeliner stays on point. Your lipstick needs minimal fuss and reapplication. All of these variations, a professional will know how to handle.

I want you to feel comfortable and safe with me, as you're putting a lot of trust in me. If you want to book in a trial with me for your wedding day, contact me here and if you've any questions just fire away.

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